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Complementary Services

Mechanical Specialties Co. provides a full range of services relating to the manufacture of your parts to print. Our Complementary Services will help you better complete your project with the efficiency and quality you demand. We often partner with preferred, certified vendors to offer you end-to-end project detailing, like the following:

Heat Treating, Plating, Passivation, Painting, Laser Marking, Micro Welding, Gun Drilling, Special coatings including Medical specific coatings.

We also offer additional machinery in-house that complements our CNC and EDM machinery such as:

•  Moore Jig Bore machine- completely equipped for extreme tolerance requirements

• Zero Blast and Peen Bead Blaster

• Multiple Do-All Chevalier FSG-18M grinders

•  Gallmeyer Livingston Grinder 12” X 24”

• Gallmeyer Livingston Surface Grinder 12” X 30”

• Landis Cylindrical Grinder 10” X 24”

We also have the ability to work with your preferred/certified suppliers & vendors as required.